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6 Helpful Tips for Making a Cross-Country Move

Everyone knows moving is expensive. Moving across the country, however, presents an additional wave of logistical challenges. The way we see it, you have two options: Rent a trailer  and do it yourself, or hire interstate professional movers, which could cost between $2,000 and $5,000 per load. The do-it-yourself option is looking a little better, huh?

However, seeing as how this is neither easier said nor done, we want to do as much as we can to reduce your stress. Here are some tips to help you save a few bucks on your next cross-country move and make it a little more manageable.

1: Rent a trailer

Start by not hiring professional movers and instead opting for a portable moving container or a freight trailer. Beware of professional moving company scams and binding estimates. Any company offering to move you should send over a representative to visit your residence and assess the situation of your stuff.

Renting either a portable container or freight trailer can cut your costs in half. Moving containers are also terrific for storage before and after a big move. With regard to trailers, the company of your choice provides a 28-foot-long trailer and gives you three days to fill it with whatever your heart desires. Then, the company picks up the trailer and drives it to your new location. You are saving a lot of money, and not actually making the drive yourself!

2: Drive a moving truck

Consider renting a moving truck from a reputable truck company to minimize costs. If you are moving far away and don’t mind driving, this could save you thousands. However, this takes some forethought. Only do this if you are sure you can complete the move by yourself (you can separately hire lifting help) and are open to driving a truck. Plus, ensure you’re

3: Hire for heavy lifting

Hire some moving labor to help with the heavy lifting. Moving labor plus a rented vehicle or container/freight is still a whole lot cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company! If you have willing friends waiting on the other end, even better.

4: Ship items beforehand

Ship your stuff to save a few bucks. We recommend using a site like uShip to find the right service provider for you. If you’re moving from a condo, apartment, or just don’t have many household belongings you want to move, this could be a good option for you! Additionally, it may be worth it to purchase more things there rather than stress about shipping across the country. Of course, you have many things you cannot live without, and PPOIC is here to help! We offer tons of packing materials so your keepsakes are well-protected during rougher shipping and handling circumstances.

5: Move during an off-time

Save money by not moving during peak times. For good reason, the summer months, first and last days of months and weekends are extremely popular times to move and prices reflect that. If you can, making a big move between October and April, mid-month on a weekday, it could work in your favor. You’ll likely receive more personal service and experience less chaos than being lumped in with other anxious movers.

6: Pack with reliable, durable packaging materials

And of course, you will need some terrifically strong and durable packing materials for the things you want to transport in your move. You probably don’t want to dig up old boxes in which to place important items. Additionally, you need more than basic chunks of bubble wrap and old newspapers. PPOIC can provide you with the best packing material at a reasonable price, including protective packaging, bags, shrink and stretch film, wood pallets, and packaging and industrial tape. Order very easily through the PPOIC online store and rest easy knowing your most important belongings are well-protected during your move. Our stuff is so strong, it is one less thing to worry about in a big move.



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