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6 Spring Cleaning Tips From Packaging Pros

Spring is finally coming into bloom. This is the time of year many families and businesses organize their spaces for the season ahead in the ritual of spring cleaning. It’s not just for the sake of cleanliness: spring cleaning has psychological benefits, too. Due to the lack of natural sunlight in winter (thanks, Daylight Savings), our bodies produce more melatonin, which causes excess fatigue, sleepiness, and a drop in energy levels. Yes, the “winter blues” is real! Appropriately called “SAD,” Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression and a legitimate condition that coincides with the change in season.

When we finally regain an extra hour of light, we’re often lifted out of hibernation and into a happier, more productive mood, motivated to clean out all literal and psychological clutter. We spring into action to rid ourselves of all baggage from sad seasons past.

On that note, who’s ready to clean?! We’ve rounded up our best spring cleaning tips to help you launch into the new season with confidence and ease.

#1: Label Everything

One of the first mistakes people make is forgetting to label boxes. When packing things you’ve decided to save, label the destination of the box and its contents to keep order. That way, when the time comes to move or unpack it, you’ll know exactly what you have and what you don’t. This also helps with counting inventory and may save you from spending money on something you already have in stock.

#2: Never Scrimp on Bubble Wrap

If you find yourself cleaning out valuable items that need storing, always have bubble wrap on hand. Pieces of artwork or anything made of glass should be individually secured in bubble wrap before being put in a box with other items to avoid damage. You might also consider adding layers of cardboard between objects to ensure separation and protection.

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#3: Pack Like A Mover

If you’re cleaning an entire area of your home (basement/garage/attic) or moving offices, hiring a professional mover to relocate your items to a storage facility or new building is probably necessary. However, movers don’t do the packing for you; it’s up to you to set them up for success.

To make the process seamless for everyone, think like a mover when you’re organizing your belongings. What do we mean by that? We mean choosing the right materials, sizes, and weight considerations for your supplies. For example, instead of filling large boxes to the max with books or electronics, use smaller boxes for heavier objects that are easier for movers to lift and carry!

#4: Take Apart Furniture That’s Easy to Put Back Together

Need to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as underneath desks or behind couches? First, take down office chairs, drawers, and even desks that can be easily broken down and built back up as needed. Your cleaning will be much deeper and more efficient when you have fewer hindrances to your efforts. If your spring cleaning agenda is “out with the old, in with the new,” anything making its way out should be appropriately disassembled before it’s disposed of or moved to create more room to breathe and reduce unwanted stress.

#5: Set Aside Items You Know You’ll Need Immediately

Chances are, you’re getting rid of the senseless litter clogging your drawers, cabinets, shelves, or even other boxes. Somewhere amongst the rubble, however, lie items that you’ll inevitably still need. Set aside these items in a distinguishable box, so they don’t get mistaken for throwaways. You’ll be happy you did!

#6: Replace Old Boxes

If you think spring cleaning stops just at what’s in front of you, look again! If your building, home, or storage facility has endured severe weather over the winter months, there may be damage to some of your boxes. Even if the weather wasn’t a factor, this doesn’t mean some boxes or other packaging materials haven’t crumbled under pressure. Dust off the cobwebs and review what you have to see if you need to move items to new boxes or if purchasing new kinds of packing materials is worthwhile. It may sound tedious, but it will save you money in the long run.

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