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Four Creative Ways to Reuse Wood Pallets

Packaging is a necessity, but what to do with all those materials when transportation is complete? If you receive a lot of large shipments using pallets to maximize loads during transport, you’ve got some great decorative building blocks on your hands, free of additional charge. We’ve got a number of ideas for what you can do with old wood pallets and how you can transform them from shipping materials into chic items or furniture adorning your home or outdoor space. How much more multipurpose can you get?


Save some serious money by using strong wood pallets as bases to create your own furniture! All you need are a few handy skills and your choice of fabrics or cushions.

Need a new coffee table for your smaller apartment or living space? Simply add a sheet of glass over the wood pallet, finish with some gloss or shine, and add wheels on the bottom to make a mobile coffee table! The upcycling payoff will be well worth it. Coffee, anyone?

In addition to a coffee table, this mini sidekick of a table can act as a decorative element, drink cart, or a place for virtually any knick-knack to park! If you have the decorating bug, try adding padding, fabric, and legs to a wood pallet to create the perfect ottoman for binge-watching television or reading. Make some stools for extra seating! Nail a couple of pallets together in a square shape, paint them how you want and put cushions on top. Maybe a faux leather fabric? Guests in your kitchen area will enjoy more options.

With some crafting skills and the willpower, you can acquire a nice piece of furniture for almost no money, and make it exactly how you want.


It is summer, after all! Use leftover wood pallets from your last big shipment or moving experience to spruce up your outdoor space without emptying your wallet.

If you have spare rope or chain (or want to purchase some more), consider transforming a pallet or two into an outdoor swing hanging from a tree. Of course, paint, add cushions and decorate as you wish. A swing adds fantastic ambiance to any outdoor area. And you can’t beat the price of a luxury swing made from “free” wood pallets!

You can also paint and fasten old wood pallets together to create a nice standing outdoor bar structure. Pallets are already rustic and outdoorsy-looking; slap on a sturdy countertop and you are in business! Bottoms up!


If you need some decor to dress up your walls, look no further than the wood pallets left over in your garage. Paint your family motto or quote that resonates with you on pallets for a decorative piece with rustic flair. Or, if you don’t have the artistic hand, take your wood pallets to a friend and have her work her magic! Hang the creation on a wall for some terrific (and very cheap!) wall art that has meaning.

Or, how about a pretty standing garden? Pour potting soil through wood pallet slats and press down firmly. Get started planting in between the slats. Let the pallet remain horizontal for at least one or two weeks before standing it up so that plants can take root and be watered in a normal position. When watering vertically, be sure to water plants at the top more than those at the bottom, because water will seep down naturally and those at the bottom will get plenty anyway. A little herb garden is yours!



Although less exciting to create, a wood pallet can be easily molded and stood upright to establish a convenient surface for anything—books, computers, tablets, keys, etc. This can be especially helpful for those who find their posture disrupted by spending many hours looking down at a table or desk. Glue pallet pieces together, finish the wood, add tall hairpin legs, and you’ve got a desk, photo display, or makeup table that saves space and is stylish, too.


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