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How to Maximize Packing Space When Making a Big Move

Packing. The very word is cringeworthy for many. Luckily, we have some tips to help you through this most cumbersome (but important) process so that you can more happily complete your big move. The more packaging pitfalls you can avoid, the better.

#1: Pack less

The absolute best way to conserve space involves leaving behind less important or rarely used items. Begin packing in the storage spaces and areas with the least traffic, saving the everyday necessities for last. This will give you a better idea of what you really need, and rest assured, we have the perfect packaging for your stuff!

#2: Pack with the right materials

Perhaps most importantly, be sure all boxes are appropriately sized for the things to be transported. This seems obvious, but you might be surprised at how often people attempt to put things in assorted old liquor and fruit boxes. With a total of three different box sizes, your packing job will be more uniform, effectively conserving space. Be sure to use sturdy, heavy-duty boxes to best protect your items. Know a box’s limits before packing and loading. Trying to cram too much into a single box will actually add unnecessary time and frustration to an already daunting process.

#3: Pack light

Whatever you do, don’t pack a box that weighs more than 50 pounds. A heavy box can be unstable and less durable, such that a new box might even be necessary. Those attempting to lift it might even be harmed. Use smaller boxes for heavier items such as books, files, kitchen appliances, or canned goods. If you cannot even lift a box, how do you expect anyone (even movers) to handle it? Save space by placing smaller boxes in areas with just a little wiggle room.

#4: Pack a little every day

Be efficient with your time. You’d be surprised at how much space you can save when you devote a few uninterrupted hours to packing and positioning. Pack in an organized fashion to minimize clutter and stress; there’s nothing worse than greeting the moving day with a headache.

Now for the more “roundabout” space-saving tips….

Use your (inexpensive) clothes as packing material to cushion your nice appliances or items. Packing material is best, but clothes are a good (resourceful) option to prevent movement during transit if you really need to save space.

Along those same lines, you can wrap breakable items and nicer dishes in towels and linens. However, you definitely need to invest in professional packing material for fine china and crystal. Although clothing, towels, and linens may work for some things in lieu of packing material, be cautioned that this will throw off any evidence of packing organization—clothes and bedsheets scattered throughout boxes of appliances?! Yikes! Ask yourself: is saving some space and perhaps money really worth the risk of shattered belongings?

When actually loading your belongings into the truck, put in the biggest appliances first (refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers) then tabletops, mattresses, sofas, headboards, and box springs so everything else can fit around them. Stack kitchen chairs by placing one chair upright and the next upside down on top of it, seat to seat. Lastly, fill in all the gaps with boxes. Put them wherever they fit to keep everything tight and stationary during the trip. Of course, security is the top priority. Overpacking the moving truck could lead to crushed items.

Your best bet is to leave it to the professionals. Everyone likes to save money, but for a big move, it is just not worth it to risk losing or damaging some of your most prized possessions. Packing things appropriately and in the correct manner, heavy lifting, and liability charges are all huge considerations when making a move, and many (smart) people decide to focus on the destination rather than transporting belongings.

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