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Packaging Materials for Your Holiday Gifts

We’re in the homestretch of the holidays, and hopefully you’ve finished shopping. That’s only one milestone, though. You still have to safely package the holiday gifts you’ve bought – especially if you must ship them to friends and family who are out of town. To ensure that treats and treasures get to their recipients unscathed, you need to package them with the proper materials.

Planned Packaging of Illinois Corp. (PPOIC) has all of the materials you need to protect packages for commercial shipment or transport with you in the car or plane. After you festively wrap your gifts, take additional steps for safe transport. These are some of the products you may wish to use:

Shrink film

shrink film










When heat is applied, the film shrinks and tightly fits over whatever it’s covering. For personal use, it offers excellent protection for gift baskets of baked goods, bath products or specialty gifts (wine, cheese and crackers or an Italian dinner kit, for example). For commercial use, it can accommodate products as large as a boat or house, keeping them protected from inclement weather.

Stretch film

Stretch film








You can use this stretchable plastic film to keep a load of packages together, protected from dust and moisture. It stretches around products and is generally used to keep them together on a pallet, a product that PPOIC also carries.

Protective packaging











Packages often are ripped, battered and bashed during transportation. PPOIC provides and distributes protective packaging products to ensure that doesn’t happen to your gifts. If you’re transporting a gift on a plane or via a commercial mailing service, you may need extra protective packaging. Chipboard pads, corner pads and edge protectors can greatly reduce the wear and tear shipping envelopes and boxes often suffer.











If your gift items are not particularly fragile, mailing and packaging bags may be what you need. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, and can be reinforced or padded with bubble, foam or plastic. This could be a good choice if you’re packaging several small gifts, toys or even framed pictures.

Corrugated boxes

corrugated cardboard supply









These serve a multitude of purposes. You can put a smaller box in a larger corrugated box that provides cushioning for safer shipping. It’s an ideal way to package fragile items. Adding mailing peanuts or bubble wrap between the boxes adds extra protection. Just remember to secure the outer box with packing tape if you’re mailing it; never use cord or twine which can get caught in package sorting machines.

Packaging and industrial tape










Securing boxes with proper packaging tape can keep them from opening during transport. Regular box tape may be all you need if you’re carrying the boxes yourself. However, if you’re shipping packages, you may want to consider using tamper-evident tap, water-activated gummed tape, flat-back tape or pre-printed tape.

No matter what you’re transporting, you want it to arrive safely and in one piece. The holiday season is especially busy, so packages could get battered around a little more than they might in less-stressful times. Using PPOIC’s high-quality packaging products can give you peace of mind when transporting gifts and packages.

Enjoy a safe and happy holiday season with those you love. If you need packaging and shipping supplies, contact PPOIC, a full-service national provider and distributor of industrial packaging products and machinery services. Regardless of your packaging needs – corrugated boxes, stretch and shrink film, pallets and tape – PPOIC has you (and your gifts) covered.


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