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Practice Safe Cardboard Box Storage With These Tips

Your spring cleaning should be easier and more productive thanks to our tips, but before you put things away, you might want to read up on cardboard box storage techniques. Using these boxes for your seasonal clothes or other rarely used items is not only efficient, but also saves money. However, you need to be aware of a few guidelines, which should keep the contents of your boxes dry, clean, and most importantly, safe.

Keep it cold, dark, and dry.

When you pack everything up, don’t just put it in any corner of your house. You want to choose a place away from direct heat and light sources. However, the most important thing is to keep it in a dry area. Exposure to any moisture not only damages the box and its contents, but it can also bring in mildew and mold. If you’re having difficulty finding the perfect spot in your home, we have another option for you.

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Climate control

A dedicated storage area might be your best option if you don’t have any space at home for your boxes. Specifically, climate-controlled units are your best bet. Not only do they protect against outdoor elements, but they also keep the room at an optimal temperature so that your boxes stay dry for as long as possible.

Use new boxes

As convenient as it is to reuse old cardboard boxes we recommend that you get new ones every time. Old or reused boxes might show some staining due to humid temperatures or contact with unknown fluids. Not only does this deteriorate the box’s overall quality, but it can also attract insects.

Repel insects

These nasty critters are an unwelcome presence in the household, and even though you might keep your boxes in the right locations, bugs can still find them and nest within its interiors. You can use the usual lineup of insect repellant and mothballs to keep them away, but those items can leave strange smells, which can damage your stored clothes and items. For a natural alternative, you can place cedar blocks near the boxes. Eucalyptus oil also works as an effective solution.

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