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Stick With These Five Packaging Tapes To Get The Job Done

Tape is an essential tool to have on hand for everyday existence. Whether you’re moving out of an old apartment or patching up home repairs, everyone uses tape at some point. However, varying situations call for different types of tape. Some boxes or surfaces require tougher adhesive materials or unique properties to withstand extreme temperatures. To improve your knowledge in the world of adhesives we shined a spotlight on five types of tape to show their traits and intended uses. Once you figure out the best tape for your needs, give us call for a purchase order.

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Gummed Tape

If you want something with a tight seal, then use water-activated gummed tape, which is sometimes known as paper tape. It won’t stick to any surface when it’s dry, but applying water to it activates the adhesive side. You can then place it on most corrugated (ridge or grooved) surfaces for a strong seal. There are also some variants that are reinforced with fiberglass filaments that allow it to work on packages that weigh up to 40 pounds.

Filament Tape

While we’re on the subject of fiberglass, we can also cover filament tape. Filament tape is a highly durable material mainly used in the shipping and freight industries, and it’s most effective when used to hold large or heavy items together such as long rolls of carpet or even heavy rebars in construction sites. Just like gummed tape, you can also use filament tape for heavier boxes.

Acrylic Tape

This tape is your best used on boxes that are placed in storage. Unlike other adhesives, acrylic tape is still effective in extreme temperatures. Specifically, it works within the range of 32 – 140℉, which means you can put your boxes in climate-controlled storage units. It’s also resistant to other harmful effects that can damage the box and its contents, such as ultraviolet rays, weathering, and yellowing.

Adhesive Transfer Tape

Do you need something that binds objects of different materials together? There’s a tape for that. Adhesive transfer tape works on plastics, metals, and moldings. There are also different versions of adhesive transfer tape that are resistant to specific chemicals or specially designed to work with foam products.

Duct Tape

A classic staple in any household, duct tape solves most of your packing and repair problems. A single strip is durable for an extended period of time and is also resistant to moisture. Industrial versions of duct tape are a favorite tool of the heating, ventilation, and cooling industry. Duct tape is so effective that it was used by NASA, most notably on Apollo 13, to prevent the buildup of carbon dioxide that threatened the lives of astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert as they made their perilous journey back to Earth.

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